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The Newest New Treasury Plan

As was reported widely yesterday the Treasury Department has a new plan of what to do with the bailout money.  Whatever one thinks of the basic idea of …

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New Rules for FDIC Deposit Insurance

The FDIC deposit insurance limits were raised this month.  The new magic number is $250,000.  Generally speaking, under the new rules an individual person …

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Prime Rate lowered to 4.00%

Banks lowered the Prime Rate today by 1/2 point to 4.00%. This was in response to a  1/2 point reduction in the Fed Funds Target …

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Business Credit Cards

If you have a business, check out some of these business cards. They can help your business in two ways. …

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Quicken Online Now Free

Yesterday, Quicken Online became a FREE service.  (Intuit previously offered a free trial, but after the trial there was a monthly service fee.)   Well now they …

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Good Morning America

Big thanks to Bianna Golodryga for featuring us on Good Morning America the other day.  She mentioned and as good tools for finding …

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Prime Rate lowered to 4.50%

Banks lowered the Prime Rate by 1/2 point this morning to 4.50%.  This was in response to a  1/2 point reduction in the …

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