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Low Rate Credit Cards

Here are some low interest rate credit cards currently being offered.  (This chart should automatically update with current rates.)  As of …

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Free Quicken Online

In case you missed it last month.  Quicken Online is now a free service.  This online version of Quicken is yet …

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Odd Website and a Financial Tip?

I came across a new website called Bad Credit Hotel which our Treasury Deparment has published at  It is some sort of …

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Monday Money

This is a quick look at some the best interest rates for deposits and loans from national banks and lenders for Monday.   Bank …

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Quicken Loans to offer VA Loans

Quicken Loans announced today that they now offer VA Loans.  Veterans Assistance Loans with Quicken Loans are for 30 year fixed rate and …

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The Newest New Treasury Plan

As was reported widely yesterday the Treasury Department has a new plan of what to do with the bailout money.  Whatever one thinks of the basic idea of …

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New Rules for FDIC Deposit Insurance

The FDIC deposit insurance limits were raised this month.  The new magic number is $250,000.  Generally speaking, under the new rules an individual person …

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Prime Rate lowered to 4.00%

Banks lowered the Prime Rate today by 1/2 point to 4.00%. This was in response to a  1/2 point reduction in the Fed Funds Target …

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Business Credit Cards

If you have a business, check out some of these business cards. They can help your business in two ways. …

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