Interest Rate Comparisons
Adjustable Rate Loan Indexes

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1 Year LIBOR-Prime Rate-CMT | LIBOR-1 Year-6 Month-3 Month-1 Month
 | Fed Funds-Prime Rate
SOFR-Prime Rate | SOFR-1 Year Treasury CMT
SOFR 30 Day Avg Rate-SOFR Daily Rate


Historical Graph of 1 Year LIBOR/Prime/CMT
Comparison Chart for Libor Rate, Prime Rate, and Treasury Rate (CMT)



Historical Graph of 1 Year/6 Month/3 Month/1 Month LIBOR
Comparison of LIBOR Rates – 1 Year LIBOR, 6 Month LIBOR, 3 Month LIBOR, 1 Month LIBOR



Historical Graph of 1 Year LIBOR/12MTA/CMT
Interest Rate Indexes – Comparison Chart



Historical Graph of Fed Funds/Prime
Rate Comparison Chart of Prime Rate and Fed Funds Rate



Historical Graph of COFI/CMT/1 Year LIBOR
Interest Rate Comparison Chart



Historical Graph of COFI/COSI (Cost of Funds Index & Cost of Savings Index)
Savings Rate Indexes

Sources: Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, Federal Reserve Board, FNMA



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