Home Price Changes – Where, When, and How Much?

Want to get an idea of where people are moving this year and how much prices are increasing or decreasing in your area? For those interested in US housing prices there is a great interactive visualization on Tableau Public created by Avison Young Global using Zillow Data. See where housing prices have increased or decreased the most this year or over the past 20 years. Explore specific communities in larger metro areas. You can drill down by year and location. You can visualize in several different ways, including US or local maps and a line chart.

It’s very interactive, so make sure to play around with the timeline and the location selections. There are also four different slides, so don’t forget to click the circles at the top to see the other slides.

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See: https://public.tableau.com/shared/SMTGWR433?:display_count=y&:origin=viz_share_link

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