Why You Should Start Saving Right Now

Business Insider has a great chart that shows how starting your retirement savings at 25 is so much better than at 35. While interest rates for savings accounts and certificates of deposit aren’t great right now, that will eventually change. It’s important to get in the habit of saving now.

See: http://www.businessinsider.com/saving-at-25-vs-saving-at-35-2014-3

Savings Rate Center
Today’s Average Rates Across the Country*
Savings / MMACDs

Min BalanceAPYTrend
< $10k0.26%
$10k – $24.9k0.32%
$25k – $49.9k0.43%
6 Month CD0.40%
1 Year CD0.63%
5 Year CD1.75%
Compare Terms: – – Select One – – 6 Month CD1 Year CD2 Year CD5 Year CD


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