Everybody’s a Tax Collector Now – Even the Dentist

As if we don’t have enough reasons to avoid the Dentist, take a closer look at your bill the next time you go to the dentist.  Expect the bill to go up.  While Dentists aren’t technically responsible for collecting new medical device taxes (just like you aren’t technically responsible for paying them) they still need to collect money from you and give the money to device makers who then give it to the government.  This is because dentists now pay more for over 130 dental devices as part of the new health care tax laws.

This just happens to coincide with a 50% reduction in Flex Plans that help pay for health and dental costs with pre-tax dollars.  As we know many dental expenses are paid out of pocket, especially the expensive procedures involving devices.  Of course your Flex Plan money can’t roll over year to year, so you better plan your root canals accordingly.  But don’t get us started on that…..


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