Monday Money

This is a look at some of the best interest rates for deposits and loans from national banks and lenders.   (Surveyed Tuesday afternoon February 16, 2010)  For Daily Mortgage Rate Updates see

BankSavings Account1 Year CD3 Year CD
Ally Bank 1.44%1.64%2.49%
American Express1.50%1.50%2.25%
Discover Bank1.35%1.70%2.50%
Dollar Savings1.40%  
HSBC Advance1.20%1.25%1.60%
ING Direct1.20%1.50%1.50%
WT Direct1.41%  
Money Aisle(get bid)(get bid)(get bid)

Rates are APY (Annual Percentage Yield)
Assumption: $10,000 deposit



 Adjustable Rate
30 Year
Fixed Rate
Bank of America 3.463%5.037%
Chase Mortgage 3.522%5.050%
Citibank Mortgage  5.071%
GMAC Mortgage 3.792%5.009%
Quicken Loans 3.455%5.037%
Wells Fargo 3.564%5.065%
Lending Tree  (get quotes)(get quotes)

Rates are APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
Assumptions when available:  $320,000 conforming loan,
20% down, excellent credit, documented income,
priced with approximately 1 point loan cost (+/- .50 point)
California property  (Rates typically surveyed between Friday and Monday)

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