Monday Money

This is a look at some of the best interest rates for deposits and loans from national banks and lenders.  (Surveyed Monday afternoon.)  For Daily Mortgage Rate Updates in your area see:

BankSavings Account1 Year CD3 Year CD
Ally Bank 1.50%1.84%2.49%
American Express1.50%1.50%2.25%
Discover Bank1.60%1.85%2.60%
Dollar Savings1.50%  
HSBC Direct1.35%1.25%1.60%
ING Direct1.30%1.75%1.50%
WT Direct1.41%  
Money Aisle(get bid)(get bid)(get bid)

Rates are APY (Annual Percentage Yield)
Assumption: $10,000 deposit

MortgageLender 5/1
 Adjustable Rate
30 Year
Fixed Rate
Bank of America 3.705%5.272%
Chase Mortgage 3.786%5.269%
Citibank Mortgage  5.347%
GMAC Mortgage 3.780%5.295%
Quicken Loans 3.765%5.220%
Wells Fargo 3.738%5.444%
Lending Tree  (get quotes)(get quotes)

Rates are APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
Assumptions when available:  $320,000 conforming loan,
20% down, excellent credit, documented income,
priced with approximately 1 point loan cost (+/- .50 point)
California property  (Rates typically surveyed between Friday and Monday)

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