IdentityTruth Promotion

IdentityTruth continues to keep its prices down and offer new promotions. See IdentityTruth: $10 Off Savings.

According to the company, IdentityTruth was developed in order to provide consumers with a convenient, comprehensive tool for managing and safeguarding their identity.  They provide:

• Free Experian Credit Report
• Free Tri-Bureau Fraud Alerts
• Credit Monitoring
• Breach Alerts and Personalized Detected Events
• Discovery of Unrecognized Names, Addresses, Utilities under Your SSN#
• Removal of Pre-Approved Credit Offers
• IdentityTruth Health ScoreTM
• Personalized Custom Online Dashboard

If you want to see what they are all about, they also offer the IdentityTruth 7 Day Free Trial.


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