Free Credit Monitoring

If you are a member of AAA, they now offer Free Credit Monitoring for members.  Just go to  The service includes a free Experian credit report, free daily credit monitoring, free email alerts, and free fraud resolution support.  We looked into this free service and think it’s a great offering.  You must enroll online, but they claim to have no hidden charges or fees.  UPDATE:  The AAA Free Credit Monitoring program is available only in limited areas.  Check the page to see if your zip code is eligible.

If you are not a member of AAA, check out our Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection pages for the latest offers.

If you know of other membership groups that offer Free Credit Reports or Credit Monitoring, please post the information with a comment below or contact us.


6 thoughts on “Free Credit Monitoring”

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  2. I think AAA is offering in my area. I have never been able to complain about them– I mean look at their services on New Years!! Free towing? that was admirable of them.


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