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Quicken Online announced a new and interesting feature yesterday.  Quicken Online now has a forward looking paycheck and spending forecaster.  This allows people to now track their spending ahead of time and is another feature that helps look for ways to save.   With this feature, Intuit says you can “see all of your spending, what bills are coming, and how much money you’ll have left over. It makes staying on top of your money easier than ever before.”  It provides you a graph showing how your finances will look over the next few pay periods, anticipating income and bills over the next 30 days.  It shows where you might be spending between now and your next paycheck.  

In addition to helping with budgeting and giving a clearer view of upcoming spending, we think it can help reduce bank fees from overdrafts.  They also have an “alert” feature where Quicken Online sends notices to your cell phone or other device when it looks like you may be overdrawing your account or exceeding your credit limit.  Combining these features should help everybody eliminate unecessary bank fees.  It’s free, so it’s definitely worth the money; saving on fees makes it definitely worth your time.

There is really no reason not to give it a try.  If Quicken Online doesn’t work for you, try as they have many useful features as well through a free solution for managing your money online.

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  1. Hi Money Cafe, Thanks for taking notice of Quicken Online’s new spending forecaster capabilities. Glad to hear you liked how it can help you make the most of what you have. As you progress through using the product, you might find helpful resources (i.e. saving tips, blog, forums):

    – Chelsea, Quicken Online


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