Odd Website and a Financial Tip?

I came across a new website called Bad Credit Hotel which our Treasury Deparment has published at http://www.controlyourcredit.gov.  It is some sort of online game where the clues double as informative credit tips.   The site is nicely done and has some good credit tips and simple calculators; but I found it an odd way to get across information to uninformed consumers.  Let us know what you think.  Is it interesting, useful or effective?  Did it teach you anything you didn’t already know?

There is one other odd thing.  The Treasury Department spent a lot of money on the site and its promotion in an effort to better inform the financial consumer.   But the site clearly states “The United States Department of The Treasury bears no responsibility for the material… or for the quality of the information provided.”  I don’t know if it’s their lack of confidence or their complete uncertainty in what they are doing, but I guess that disclaimer is stamped on everything done at the Treasury Department these days.

I’ll add a financial tip they seemed to have missed.  Don’t deal with financial providers or financial advisors who say they don’t bear responsibility for what they are telling you.

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